Oui Chef !!!

It's all about simplicity when the ingredient is the star, I just need to enhance it with the right balance of spice and love,


your senses will do the rest........

                              Sylvain Hervochon

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S  u  m  m  e  r   M  e  n  u

S t a r t e r s ,  S a l a d s  &  s o u p s

Beet root salad, apple, goat cheese & toasted buck wheat/ 40

Shrimps salad & papaya ,Thai citrus dressing/ 50

Casa roots Vegan garden salad,
blend of roasted & fresh vegetables, lettuce, passion fruit vinaigrette/ 40


Country style pork & chicken liver Pate, red cabbage & blue berry chutney, candied walnuts/ 35

Smoked fish Rillettes, lime and herbs sour cream/ 35

Wahoo « gravlax style » grainy mustard seeds and lime marinade / 45

Butternut squash soup, coconut cream,
curried onion samosas/ 30

Seafood bisque, & garlic French baguette/ 35



C a s s e - c r o u t e s

Casa roots cheese beef burger & fries/ 45

Caribbean fish tacos, guacamole, pickled onion & fresh greens/ 50

Pizza Margarita on panini bread/ 30

Country bread Bruschetta, goat cheese, tomato compote, chorizo & date chutney, mixed green/ 40





S p e c i a l i t i e s

Grilled 8 oz beef Sirloin, béarnaise sauce & house-made French fries/ 80

Pasta Casarecce, grilled veg, fresh parma ham, parmesan/ 60

Mahi mahi baked in banana leave, Caramelized cauliflower mousseline, mussel & butter sauce/ 76


Seafood paella, Bomba rice,
shrimps, squids, mussels, piperade & Aioli /90

3 hours oven roasted Confit Pork belly, ground provisions, sautéed romaine Lettuce, grilled pineapple/ 80

Lamb Moroccan casserole, Mediterranean vegetable, chic peas & couscous/ 85

Chichen Colombo, lemon Achard & lentil stew/ 70


C a s a  r o o t s  T a p a s

Creole fish croquettes, spicy mayo/ 28

Sweet potato fried duchesse dumpling, yogurt Raita/20

3 House made Spring rolls:
Pork & vegetable or Spinach & feta,
mango tomato dip & Nuoc nam/ 30

Caribbean ocras and plantain tempura, coconut curry dip/ 20

Breaded chicken balls, smoke paprika Aioli/ 28

French or sweet potato fries, béarnaise sauce/ 18





X t r a  S i d e s / 1 8 $

Potato fries or sweet potato fries

Potato dauphinois gratin

Sweet potatoes Duchesse

Greens leaves salad

Roasted red cabbage & blue cheese

Coquillette Mac & cheese

Casa roots grand provisions & pickled onion

Stewed Curried Lentils






S w e e t s

Vanilla lime zest creme brulée/ 26

Chocolate mousse toped with coffee Liégeois cream/ 30

Black banana, roasted & caramelized, vanilla ice cream/ 26


All prices are in Eastern Caribbean dollars, 10% service charge will be added to the bill