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Aperol Spritz  30
Aperol, Campari, Prosceco, orange slice

Negroni  35
Luxardo bitter, Vermouth, Beefeater gin, orange slice

Cosmopolitan  25
Absolut vodka, Tripple sec, cranberry juice, lime

Moscow mule  25
Stolichnaya vodka, ginger beer, lime wheel


Tartini  30

Beefeater pink gin, Cranberry juice, Tripple sec, lime juice, sirup, blue berries 

French point of view  45
Belvedere vodka, Rosmary sirup, fresh lime, club soda.

Casa roots  20
English Harbour 5 yr old Rum, beet root juice, cranberry juice,  rosemary sirup, blue berries

Gin TO  20
Beefeater gin, tonic

Ginger gin  25
Tanqueray gin, ginger beer, lime juice, lime wheel

Cucumber lemonade  30
Hendrick gin, lime juice, cane sirup, soda & cucumber

Antiguan Old fashion  25
Rum English Harbour 5, lime juice, cane sirup,

Angostura bitter, nutmeg, lime wedge

Créole Ti punch  30
Clement French agricole Rum, cane sirup, crush lime

Mojito  25
White Rum, crush lime, fresh mint, cane sirup, soda

Casa Pinacolada  20
Cavalier white Rum, Kokocaribe, coconut cream, pine apple juice , pine apple slice

Margarita  30
Tequila, Triple sec, lime juice , salt, lime slice

Pain Killer  25

Rum, coconut cream, pinapple juice, orange juice, pineapple slice

All prices are in Eastern Caribbean dollars, 10% service charge will be added to the bill

N O N  A L C O H O L I C

Teenage Pinacolada  15
Pine apple juice, coconut cream, sugar cane sirup

Designated driver 20

Cranberry juice, orange juice, lime juice, club soda, berries

Casa  Roots sunset  20
Orange juice , beet root juice,  mixed with  iced blue berries.

Citrus Buzz 15

Lime juice, sugar cane sirup, club soda


  R H U M   A R R A N G E


Casa Roots house made Rum arrangé

A suave  way to soften the strength of white rum with a balanced maceration of fruits, roots or spices, recipe Inspired from the French Reunion island





English Harbour 5 yr old Antiguan Rum  15

English Harbour 10 yr old Antiguan Rum  20

Aged port Cast finish Antiguan Rum  35

Clement select barrel Martinique Rum  35

Eldorado dark 12yr old Guyanese Rum  30

Expresso martini  25
Vodka, Kahlua, coffee, cane sirup

Cognac Hennessy VSOP 40

Cognac Hennessy XO 70



A selection of cuban cigars is available,
Please ask for assistance


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